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Summerbee Strong Antibacterial Oil 100mls — £18.50 (bulk discount available)

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The formulation for this developed from three centuries ago when a small band of robbers who, despite robbing those who had died from serious infections, never seemed to contract diseases themselves. This was because they covered themselves in a concoction of aromatic herbs such as clove, garlic, rosemary. This formulation has since been modified and exists in its present form today utilising five antibacterial essential oils.  
Essential oils are the chemicals which plants produce to protect themselves from animals and bacterial disease. To this end most essential oils have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Some, such as clove and eucalyptus, are very strong. So the robbers oil grew out of these facts and today this oil is comprised of a mixture of clove bud, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemon oils. Each of these oils contributes to the strong antibacterial action and they also act synergistically i.e. the effect of the combined oils is greater than the sum of the individual oils themselves. The ways to use this oil are as follows 
1. The most popular way is to use in a vaporiser. Put a few drops on the water and let the heated water carry the aroma around the room sterilising the atmosphere. 
2. Put it on a tissue which can be left beside your bed, in a room, or use it to inhale when on the move. 
It is not advised as a skin application product.. 
Each of the essential oils has unique properties on their own 
Clove bud—an analgesic derived from clove buds and is used in many mouthwash products 
Cinnamon bark—used in cookery but the oil is useful for warding off colds and flu 
Eucalyptus—is well known for anti colds and flu properties. Used in many medicinal products—such as Vicks & Fisherman's Friend. 
Rosemary—a sweet smelling herb which has energising properties. 
Lemon—widely used as the juice, less so as the oil because it is extremely acidic and strong 
It has a nice aroma consisting of the lighter tones of eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon, backed up by the deeper notes of clove bud and cinnamon bark. For this reason it is easy to use to sterilise your environment. The eucalyptus lemon and rosemary elements may also help relieve congestion. 
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