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Peppermint/lemon foot soak 250mls — £8.99

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Peppermint/lemon foot soak is a relaxing soak formulated so that it can safely be used in foot spas. Lemon oil is antiseptic, and peppermint oil is refreshing and cooling because of the menthol content. It may help some foot problems because of the essential oil constituents.  
* Antibacterial 
* Cleansing for the feet 
* Cooling and soothing 
* For foot spas 
* menthol medicated 
Special features: 
* Lemon oil is antibacterial 
* Peppermint is cooling and refreshing 
* Deodorising for the feet 
* Aqua, polysorbate-20, sodium chloride, betaine, peppermint and lemon oils, menthol. 
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