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Grapefruit oil 100% pure 10mls — £2.99

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Latin name: Citrus paradisi  
Source country: Israel, Brazil.  
Appearance: Light yellow thin liquid.  
Aroma: Light, fruity, zesty, uplifting aroma.  
Derivation: Grapefruit oil is expressed from the peel of the fruit..  
Chemicals: Typical terpenoids make up its composition with compounds  
like pinene, myrcene, terpinen-4ol, geraniol, citronellal.  
Uses: It is used for uplifting the spirits as most fruit oils do. It helps lift depression and  
anxiety states. It is antiseptic and disinfectant. It has diuretic properties and is therefore  
useful in removing cellulite by removing excess water from the body. It has a high content  
of vitamin C and is therefore of use to the immune system. It can help in clearing oily  
skins and acne type complaints. It is a skin toner. Mostly used in massage but can be  
effective when vapourised to lift the mood.  
Note: As with all pure essential oils, dilute appropriately with a suitable carrier oil before  
using on the skin. Do not take essential oils internally.  
All fruit oils should be used within 6 months of opening the bottle 
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