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Clove bud oil 100% pure 10mls — £3.50

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Latin name: Eugenia caryophyllata  
Source country: Indonesia, Madagasca, Sri Lanka.  
Appearance: Dark yellow to brown liquid.  
Aroma: Balsamic, medicinal, warming, fruity.  
Derivation: Only the sun ripe and dried clove buds are used to steam distil the clove  
bud oil. The yield from the buds is about 10%.  
Chemicals: The main chemical is eugenol which represents about 85% of the clove oil.  
The properties of clove bud are therefore really the properties of eugenol.  
Uses: Cloves have been used for centuries in cooking and flavouring. The oil  
however is very uch stronger and should be used with care and at high  
dilution (less than 1%). Primarily it is used to stop pain particularly in  
toothache, and also as an infection fighter since it is highly antibacterial and  
antifungal. The vapour from clove oil can stimulate the senses and wake you  
up stimulating mind and memory. It is useful in plaque formation and gum  
disease and for this reason is included in many mouthwash products. It  
relieves muscle pain. Do not use during pregnancy.  
Note: As with all pure essential oils, dilute appropriately with a suitable carrier oil  
before using on the skin. Do not take essential oils internally 
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