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Cinnamon oil 100% pure 30mls — £5.87

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Latin name: Cinnamonum zeylanicum  
Source country: Sri Lanka, India  
Appearance: Golden yellow to brown darkening with age.  
Aroma: Musky, spicy, heavy aroma.  
Derivation: From the tree where the leaves and twigs are steam distilled to yeild the oil.  
Chemicals: The main constituent is cinnamaldehyde comprising of 60-80% of the oil. It  
is this compound which gives the oil its aroma and most of its therapeutic effects.  
Cinnamon also contains smaller percentages of ethyl cinnamate, eugenol, beta  
caryophyllene, and methyl chavicol all of which deepen the light aroma of the  
Uses: It is used as a herb for cooking and sweet and sour dishes mainly in Eastern  
cooking. The powder is reputed as a cure for colds and has recently been found to help  
diabetes as an insulin substitute. As an essential oil it is not much used for aromatherapy  
but may be useful for colds and flu. It is mainly used for fragrancing and blends with fruit  
oils particularly orange to give a pleasant aroma on vapourising. Due to the presence of the  
minor chemical constituents it can be irritating to the skin and create a sensitivity. The oil  
is extremely concentrated.  
Note: As with all pure essential oils, dilute appropriately with a suitable carrier oil  
before using on the skin. Do not take essential oils internally 
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