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There are a number of aromatherapy oils, which when properly applied can have a positive effect in helping to relax you and certainly to help with sleep. Lavender is of course the best known and lavender also has a host of other uses. Not so well known is that jasmine has been clinically proven to help with sleep. The natural chemicals in the jasmin oil have a soporific effect helping you to sleep. Unfortunately jasmine is extremely expensive but we have found a solution to help with the cost - we dilute the jasmine for you so that you can apply it directly to the skin. At the same time, diluting it with a vegetable oil makes it a reasonable and affordable price. Finally a combination of essentials - lavender, geranium, and chamomile - have a synergistic effect for relaxation and we use the synergistic effect in our product - Sleep Easy. This is also diluted so that you can apply directly to the skin from the bottle. 

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