Summerbee Products 
About Us 
Summerbee Products was started in 1991 by Duncan Summers in the South West of England. Duncan is a qualified honours chemist who, after graduating, had 25 years of professional management experience in the pharmaceutical industry both in the UK and overseas.  
During his period in the pharmaceutical industry he worked his way up to Director of Operations for Overseas operations with a large multinational U.S. pharmaceutical company. He gained experience of manufacturing, quality control, human resources, and corporate finance along the way. He then started up his own business in 1991, Summerbee products, and this is still continuing today.  
Summerbee has two main objectives - to produce quality natural health products and to provide a superior service to its customers. Most orders will be sent out on the same day as they are received and our customers have come to expect this fast service at all times. We rarely have complaints about the quality of our products but we will replace any product or refund the cost of any product if a customer has a legitimate complaint.  
Summerbee Products has a wide range of customers from direct consumers to natural health practitioners - aroma therapists, reflexologists, nutritionists, to pharmacies and health shops. At all times we endeavour to support our customers with the facts about our products. We welcome direct enquiries asking about our products or their quality and efficacy.  
Summerbee Products produces a range of NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS which include honey bee products, essential oils, massage oils, and aromatherapy products. 
1. Honey Bee Products 
We sell honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis and prepared mixtures of them. Our products include include our best selling liquid honey product - royal jelly in acacia honey (available in 3 strengths), bee pollen and propolis capsules. We also have other liquid honey products including beevitalise (with vitamin E), and pollen royale (with bee pollen).We use only the world's finest and most expensive HUNGARIAN ACACIA HONEY to manufacture our honey products. 
2. Aromatherapy Oils 
The quality of our essential oils and carrier oils is guaranteed and we sell only the highest quality. We sell various sizes and can cater for any size you require. 
3. Aromatherapy Products 
Most of our quality essential oils are used to make our products. We produce a wide variety of products using the beneficial properties of essential oils including foot products, hair products, moisturising creams and lotions, healing creams, herbal balms, lavender and tea tree products, natural sprays, soaps, blended essential oils, foam baths, shampoos, roll-ons, and specialist skin products. No artificial fragrance is used in any of our products, only pure naturally extracted oils. 
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